Viridian Jewelry, Brand Design Project

Viridian Jewelry is a small woman-owned business that designs beaded boho-style jewelry in Sedona, AZ.

Brand Design

Industry: Jewelry, Fashion

Core Brand Strategy

As the brand designer for Viridian Jewelry, the core strategy was to marry trendy, modern fonts with a simple hand-drawn graphic to create a boho-chic style. Rich, bright colors fuse the brand with the vibrant energy of Sedona. My mission was to create a visual narrative that showcases the beauty of the jewelry but also transports customers to the vibrant landscapes and boho vibes that inspire each piece.

Logo & Brand Guide

At the heart of Viridian Jewelry lies a logo that captures the essence of the desert and the free-spirited boho aesthetic. The trendy, clean, modern font grounds the brand in the present, while the simple hand-drawn graphic becomes a visual portal to Sedona's Southwest charm. The chosen colors—rich blue-green, bright yellow, and boho pink—mirror the landscapes and energy of the desert, creating a logo that is not just a mark but a reflection of a lifestyle.


  • Here we go! Super stoked to have my logo done by a stand up lady - Shiloh at Graphic Heart! Thank you! So stoked to keep moving forward in this love of making beautiful things for beautiful people. 


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  • We've gone from around 5,000 monthly visitors to around 30,000 monthly visitors after our website redesign. Shiloh did a great job getting to know our business and adding the right keywords.

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